BATS US workshop August 21: one space available due to late cancellation

Perioperative Ultrasound for Anaesthetists


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Ultrasound Workshops for 2019

BATS on Ice Ultrasound Regional Anaesthesia Workshop

BATS on Ice is a popular ultrasound regional anaesthesia workshop held in Queenstown each winter.

Our workshop offers a small-group teaching format and covers anatomy, sonoanatomy and practical aspects of regional anaesthesia for anaesthetists. For those wanting to improve their needle-imaging skills, we are offering an optional ultrasound skills training session.

This year we are delighted to host Professor Ed Mariano as our guest speaker. Prof Mariano, from Stanford University, has impressive credentials as a teacher, researcher and regional anaesthesia clinician. We look forward to seeing you in Queenstown.

Date: Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Venue: Millennium Hotel, Queenstown, New Zealand

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